Explore Mare Island Walking Trails


Mare Island is a fabulous place to walk....and walk and walk and walk. Ask the Vaca Valley Volks, walkers who join the Sierra Club Solano Group hike leaders on their regularly scheduled Historic Southshore hikes, those who visit the Shoreline Heritage Preserve for its self-guided Scenic Vista Trail or birdwatchers and bay lovers who walk on the recently opened San Pablo Bay Wetlands wildlife viewing trail.

Then, there are the interesting walks about the old Captain’s Row neighborhood, Alden Park with its glorious collection of great trees and the gazebo and war and shipyard memorabilia and the historic shipyard, itself, for you to explore, photograph and enjoy.

As planning, time and funds allow and your own interest and commitment to trail development on Mare Island comes together with others who share a similar passion, there will be so many more places to walk. For now, enjoy what is here.

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Island Walks