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Often those who lived and labored here on Mare Island for the past 60 or more years, find it a place of longing and feel a certain sadness for what it them, to their families, to their friends and co-workers. Some find it too painful to even return. Others find great comfort in returning and continuing their relationship with the Island. They talk and share vividly of its past and wonder about its future. We often do the same. It is nice to know that others share our passion and adoration for this lovely and important place embedded forever in our local, regional and national maritime and naval history and even further back in the Island’s time.

Whether you lived here, worked here, or have never set foot on Mare Island, we are sure you will renew your love affair with it or quickly fall in love with this special place so rich in maritime and naval history and reminiscent of times past, as you all the while embrace and experience it for all that it invites now. On this page, we will provide links to information about some of our current or upcoming events and programs, photo albums and blogs. Stay with us as we make our best effort to welcome you and invite you to stay, explore, and return to mare Island over and over again. We are sure that as you spend a little time on our site you will find yourself flooded with memories or a longing to visit and eager to experience again or for the first time some of the mystery of this island on San Francisco Bay’s “north shore”.

Click here or scroll down and click on pdf flier below for upcoming events  we will be hosting on Mare Island in October, November and December 2011. Check back soon as our schedule continues to expand!


Welcome to Mare Island