Plan Ahead


The park is open every weekend Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most holidays. Refer to the homepage and the E-news button for specific information about open days and themes.

We hope that you enjoy your visit ... there is so much to see ... historic places, fabulous views, birds and wildlife, native plants ... to name a few. When planning your visit, you may want to consider downloading our trail guide and print it and use it for a guide when planning to visit, although a volunteer team from Weston Solutions, Inc. installed new guideposts along the trail route. Also, check out the welcome sign and at the Visitors Center Building A-167,
for information on special outings for the day or upcoming events.

However, we have a few things that are good to keep in mind to ensure a safe visit.  While the site is planned for a park, it isn’t there yet. The Preserve is not yet developed as a park, so you will be visiting it with a hosting non-profit organization and their representative ... everyone must sign in when entering the park. We urge you to stay on the paved road and to not attempt to go through any locked gates or beyond areas that are barricaded. During the spring and summer, ticks and rattlesnakes are prevalent (really), so staying on the roadway is one way to reduce your risk ... yet even on the roadway, keep alert for rattlesnakes. Other reasons to stay on the main roadway are to avoid poison oak and dangerous steep bluffs with unstable sandstone and slippery leaves. Also, the Navy continues to clear shoreline areas of munitions, so play it safe and stay on the hill!

Another key consideration: the park does not yet have water ... be prepared by including drinks in what you bring along with you or plan to purchase bottled water or sodas at our refreshment stand. Hot drinks are available in the cold months. If you like bring snacks and drinks, a comfortable camp chair, binoculars, a scope, and/or a camera if you have them. Dress in layers as the weather can be windy, sunny, hot, cool, foggy and rainy. Only heavy rain cancels any scheduled outing. Also, dogs are permitted ... please keep them on a leash. And, please, no smoking. Refer to complete safety advice at entrance.


Trail Guide morphs into colorfully painted guideposts


Thanks to the diligence and design skills of Preserve volunteer, Sue Wilson, visitors to The Preserve may grab a copy of an easy to read and carry laminated interpretive guide as you arrive. As of July, thanks to more of Sue’s great design work and a volunteer team from Weston Solutions, Inc. you can even scuttle the printed guide and simply refer to 14 guideposts placed at points of interest along the 1.5 mile route to the scenic vista points at the top of the hill and beyond along the trail to the bunkers on the western bluff. The information at these guideposts will surely enhance your visit to The Preserve. Refer to them on your walk and even take a moment to rest on one our newly placed benches near guideposts 6, 7 and 8.  Be sure to stop at the Visitors Center Building A-167 to learn more in interpretive displays and our exclusive Shoreline Heritage Preserve art exhibit. To preview THE GUIDE before you arrive or send a copy to friends, family and co-workers, view THE GUIDE on the Features page.