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You might know by now that Mare Island was the U.S. Navy’s oldest installation in the Pacific founded in 1854 by the Navy’s first Admiral, although  in 1854 he was Commander David G. Farragut. Well, as time went by...142 years to be exact...the Navy closed the base and now we live in what some seem to think is a bit of ghost town. Fair enough. Indeed, there’s really no darling little lane packed with gift shops, restaurants and brew pubs...yet. In fact, there haven’t been any for the past 15 years since the base closed.

But, that doesn’t mean you don’t want and deserve something special from Mare Island, does it? Click on the pages above to view some of the items that we are happy to sell and ship to you. Soon you will be able to buy the cards at the Vallejo Convention and Visitors Bureau at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal and here’s a link to the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum online bookstore. They have a really nice little gift shop at their museum where they sell our Daffodil Tea and the Lost Boats of Mare Island book compiled and edited by Larry Maggini.

Visit the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve on the 2nd Saturday of every month and pickup any of the items you see on our website. We know how much you will enjoy a Mare Island treasure. Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring the Island back to life!


Welcome to our Mare Island shopping experience

Photo: Barbara J. Morris

General Mariano G. and

Dona Benicia Vallejo puppets