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Dot, short for Spotty Dotty, is Australian Shepherd and Collie. She was 6 years old in May. She and Annie, her West Highland Terrier sidekick have served as part of the greeting team at the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve since August of 2007 when we began to share “our park” with the public.

I have decided to keep you up on Dot’s health via a blog after the outpouring of gifts and kindnesses in word and deed of so many of our friends since I sent an email that I have included as the first entry in this blog.

With overwhelming and daunting sadness, I share with you that on December 5, 2008 Dot was put to sleep after struggling since August to beat an evil immune disorder called Pemphigus Foliaceous. Dot required almost weekly veterinary care, a special diet and a ton of medication including chinese herbs  in combination with  traditional western drugs as we tried to convince her immune system to behave. Due to a host of tests last night donations are needed. Thanks to The Country Vet team you can make a donation for Dot’s final care directly to them by either mailing a check to 511 Atherton Ave. Novato, CA 94595 or calling (415) 897-8380 with your credit card information. (ask for Shannon if you have questions)

My pet family and I send you our deepest appreciation and gratefulness for your offers of assistance and support. We have surely learned how very much we are loved.

Myrna Hayes

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